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Network with others in your regional group

While online networking provides an incredible way to meet people across the outdoor industries, nothing beats a face-to-face conversation, and OIWC's Regional Groups provide a way for you to get to know people who live in your geographic region.

Every member of OIWC chooses their ‘primary group’ when they join the organization. Most Regional Groups are statewide, but as a statewide group fills up, we will break them down into more narrow regions. This primary group determines your Regional Group, and gives you access to other members who chose this same primary group. To access your Regional Group , simply login to the OIWC website, go to your Profile, and select “My Groups.” Your Regional Groups will be listed, along with any other groups you belong to.

As an OIWC member, you can belong to more than one Regional Group, and you can view the activities and members of any Regional Group. Take advantage of this if you are traveling - visit the Regional Group of your destination and reach out to other OIWC members.

From your Regional Group, you can:
  • Click the “Directory” link at the top of the page and see who else is in your Regional Group
  • View photos of or send direct emails to others in your Regional Group
  • Let others know about your company’s updates or OIWC exclusives you are offering to members in your area
  • Let others in your area know about local happenings, women’s activities, special sales, etc.
  • Get to know other members in your area by posting questions related to where they work, in what area they live, in what industries they are involved, etc.
  • Plan your own get-togethers: We strongly encourage OIWC members to meet up! Networking is the #1 benefit of being a part of OIWC. Network with other women via the Regional Group and organize your own get-togethers. (Due to insurance regulations, your get-togethers cannot be labeled as an OIWC event.)

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