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Buzz Bin

OIWC at Interbike,
Sept 22-26, 2008
Booth L-6

Check out pictures from the party at:

WAVE Seminar and Keynote Descriptions
The OIWC Wave Conference is designed so you attend each keynote presentation and each seminar... you don't need to pick and choose which seminars to attend and end up missing a seminar that everybody else raved about. In addition, you will be broken into four groups based on how you classify your position (Upper Management, Middle Management, Entry-Level, and All-in-One), and you will be with your group for each of the four Seminars, allowing time for true peer-to-peer networking, sharing, and conversation.

WAVE Keynote Topics

WAVE Seminar Topics

WAVE Keynote Topics

Friday, March 27, 2009: Theme is EMPOWERMENT
(Evening-cocktails and apps): Guest Panel of Keynote Speakers

You Can Do It Too! Meet the women who already have…
Real life stories of women who envisioned what they wanted and went out and made it happen. Even though no two paths are the same, every success is underscored by vision, drive, passion, creativity and the will to make it happen.
Be inspired! Hear real-life women tell their stories of how they became EMPOWERED to reach their goals. Hear how they defined their success and how they got there.

Saturday, March 28, 2009: Theme is VISION
(Evening): Keynote Speaker

See It, Then Be It
Sometimes the hardest part in achieving your dreams is to first figure out what those dreams actually are. What is your purpose? What do you love? How can you create the life you want, particularly on the professional front?  Join OIWC and WAVE as we hear from a speaker who will not only share her journey to success, but, most importantly, how she determined what her journey would be.
Sunday, March 29, 2008: Theme is ACTION
(Breakfast): Keynote Speaker

Action, action we want action—A-C-T—I-O-N (taken from a high school cheer)
Now that you’ve started to think about your journey and visualize what that success may look like, the most important part is plotting your course and a step by step road map to keep you on track.  Making sure to identify and set milestones along the way to ensure you keep things moving forward—the research you have to do, the people you want to meet, the internships, the networking events, the resumes, business plans and web sites that need to be created---whatever your journey requires having your own personally developed directions will help you get there. 

WAVE Seminar Topics

Creating and Maintaining your Network
Panel led by Lori Harrod, plum
It isn’t what you know, it is who you know. This old adage isn’t so far off the mark. In today’s work environment sometimes passion, skills, and education aren't always enough to get you into your dream job or company. Sometimes it comes down to knowing the right person or knowing the person who knows the right person. On the flip side of the coin, when you are in a position of leadership and have grown your at a company over a period of time, sometimes you are in need of just the right person for a new department or to replace your stellar VP of Marketing. Having a solid network of people at your level and below often leads to quickly filled positions; without the need to pay top dollar for headhunters or recruiters.

This session will look at the benefits of networking as well as practical techniques you can employ to build your network over the course of your career. There are lots of ways to do this and we will examine both the new opportunities offered by the internet (such as LinkedIn) as well as some old fashion techniques that have been around since the beginning.

Leading & Learning
Led by Pollyanna Pixton, Accelinnova
It doesn’t matter what level you are at, there is always something new to learn and often the learning comes from unexpected places. This session will focus on developing leadership skills that will enable you to make a positive impact on your organization. Whether that is new and improved listening skills, how to empower/ rally people around you to be successful (managers, subordinates and peers), inspiring respect and trust and/ or the courage to take action. For people already in leadership positions we will also look at ways to identify leaders in your organization and how to grow and nurture their path towards success.
Strategic Thinking and Persuasive Communications 
Led by Jenni Dow, Agile Project Leadership
This session will focus on building confidence around the core competencies of how to think through an opportunity, build consensus through give-and-take and achieve a win-win outcome for all parties involved through clear and concise communication.

Fourth Seminar: You Tell Us!
How many conferences have you attended where you thought, "That was great, but I really wish they had included a seminar on x, y, and z."? We want you, OIWC members, to determine the fourth seminar topic. When you register for the event, let us know what you'd like to learn about. Choices include:
  • Helping 'green' your company
  • Transitioning into an outdoor industry
  • Open networking with your group of peers
  • Fill in the blank - what do you want to learn about?