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Volunteer for OIWC

Volunteering for OIWC offers many exciting opportunities. Since OIWC is almost completely volunteer driven, volunteers are empowered to help make important decisions about the future of OIWC. Volunteering is an excellent way to network with other women in the outdoor industry, enhance existing skills, and learn new skills.

Search volunteer openings: To see what volunteer roles OIWC currently has available, visit OIWC's job board and search under type 'Volunteer.' NOTE: The job board features ongoing committee roles, and many short-term volunteer roles are not listed on the job board.

Submit a volunteer form: To learn more and volunteer for OIWC, submit our online form and we'll be in touch soon to set up a meeting.NOTE: To volunteer for OIWC you must be an OIWC member.

Please note that we frequently add new volunteer roles, and if you don't see anything on the job board that is a good fit, you should submit a volunteer form anyway. Then, when the right role opens up, we can contact you.

Volunteer Roles

OIWC volunteers fill virtually every role of the organization, from Officers and Board Members who determine the long-range direction of the organization to Project Volunteers who help distribute materials at a trade show, plus everything in between. We work hard to make sure that you are in a role you enjoy, you are reaching your own goals of volunteering, and your role matches the time you have available.

OIWC's operations are divided into committees, each of which are responsible for accomplishing certain aspects of OIWC's goals. The committees are:
  • Executive
  • Governance & Volunteers
  • Professional Development
  • Fundraising
  • Marketing & Branding
  • Membership
  • Regional Programs
Volunteer Levels

OIWC's volunteer roles are categorized into six different levels, depending on the type of work and the time you have available. They are:

  • Level 1 - Project Volunteer One time, occasional volunteers, or new ongoing volunteers.  This is the introduction level for new-to-OIWC volunteers. You are requested to perform specific tasks and are usually not involved in planning or strategic thinking.
  • Level 2 - Project CoordinatorThese volunteers participate on a specific committee in an ongoing role, but are not responsible for leading any projects or any other volunteers. As a Project Coordinator, you would attend committee meetings and be involved in the committee's program planning and strategic thinking. Project Coordinators either report directly to a Committee Chair, or to a Project Manager, depending on the type of work.
  • Level 2.5- Intern: Interns are essentially a short-term Project Manager but do not manage any staff. Typically, interns volunteer for a shorter duration (often the length of one semester or a summer) for more average hours per week (typically 10 hours/week). Interns are assigned a mentor from the OIWC Board and report directly to committee Chairs. 
  • Level 3- Project Manager:  As a Project Manager, you are the main contact for a specific project within your committee. To be considered for a Project Manager position, you must have been involved with OIWC for some length of time and be familiar with OIWC's programs. Project Managers typically oversee Project Volunteers and/or Project Coordinators and participate in committee planning and strategic thinking for their committee. The Project Manager reports to the committee chair and might be asked to attend board meetings as necessary but is not necessarily a member of the board. 
  • Level 4- Committee Chair:  The main responsibility of the Chair is to act as a manager, leader and mentor to committee members & interns. She will be involved in execution if necessary but is mostly involved with keeping projects on track, understanding how each project affects other committees, and leading the volunteers on her committee. The Chair will lead strategic thinking and develop action plans for the committee. Chairs are members of the Board and report into the Executive committee. 
  • Level 5- OfficerPresident, President Elect, Treasurer or Secretary of OIWC or the OIWC Education Foundation. All Officers are members of the OIWC Board of Directors.

Thanks to our generous Platinum and Gold Corporate Members