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Buzz Bin

OIWC at Interbike,
Sept 22-26, 2008
Booth L-6

Check out pictures from the party at:

For Current Sponsors
For Current Sponsors

Thank you for your support of OIWC! Please bookmark this page and visit it often to be sure you aren't missing out on any promotional opportunities. If you have any questions about these or other benefits, contact Sally Grimes at or 720-249-2524.

Ongoing benefits

  • ONLINE FORUM: You receive direct access to OIWC members via your own discussion forum. Work with us to set up your forum and use it in whatever way works best for your company. For example, tell members about the benefits of working at your company; ask members for feedback on new products; reach out to our members to put together a test team or athlete team; host a private forum where you can search members and invite specific people to participate in discussions on whatever issues you choose; etc.


  • FEATURED SPONSOR: Be the featured sponsor on the OIWC homepage. Send us a one-sentence tagline about your company and we'll add you to the rotation. Or, if you would like to tie it into your own promotions, we can highlight a specific product and link to a specific page within your site. Once we receive your request (with image, tagline, and preferred timing), we'll add you to the rotation schedule. (Note that depending on the number of requests we get from Gold Plus, Gold and Silver sponsors, we may be able to add your company to the rotation more than once during your sponsor cycle.)

  • FREE MEMBERSHIP FOR ALL EMPLOYEES: Search the membership directory to be sure your employees are taking advantage of their free membership in OIWC. If not, encourage them to visit the site and join at no charge. Use our email template and send a reminder to your employees to join OIWC.

  • LOGO PLACEMENT AND WEBSITE LINKS: Check that we are using your current logo and website address
  • DRIVE OIWC MEMBERS TO YOUR WEBSITE AND PRODUCTS: Check your special offers for OIWC members (discounts, prodeals, free samples, etc.) to see if it needs to be updated, or contact us if you don't yet have an offer on the site and would like to add one
  • JOB POSTINGS: Post your company's job openings on the OIWC website. This service is FREE to Gold Plus, Gold and Silver sponsors, $50/mo/post for Bronze sponsors, and $100/mo/post for Friends sponsors. (The non-sponsor rate is $150/mo/post.)
Promotional and underwriting opportunities for upcoming events and projects


POLLY-ESTHER: Get your funk on, and join us for this retro dance party! On 08.09.08, OIWC is presenting Polly-Esther, We’ve Come a Long Way, Baby, and as an OIWC sponsor, you have first right-of-refusal to join the sponsor team and host THE blow-out party of Summer Outdoor Retailer. Attendees will remember your company, and will know your brand as fun, hip, cool and in tune with the outdoor crowd.

The title BRICKHOUSE sponsor of Polly-Esther is Fox River, and Terramar and KPS|3 are on board as WE ARE FAMILY sponsors. Other spots are still available!

About Polly-Esther
Dust off those bell-bottoms, feather that hair, and dig up all those bright patterns you tried to forget. Join the coolest cats in the industry and sport your retro duds as we dance the night away to classics from the 70s and 80s.

The party includes a Neil Diamond cover band, sideburn contest, costume contest, dance lessons, a VIP area, candy cigarette sales, photo booth, and more. Besides being a funkadelic party, proceeds benefit the OIWC Education Foundation.

With a buzz that started at Winter Outdoor Retailer and an anticipated crowd of 1,000 industry icons and newcomers, you don’t want to miss this event.

Sponsor Polly-Esther – from $1,000 to $11,000
As a sponsor, you can brand a side event (such as a sideburn contest or dance contest) as your own, have your logo included on print and web promotions, hang banners at the event, host a thrift store in your booth (and sell funky costumes prior to the event), schmooze with your VIPs in the VIP area, distribute product samples at the event, and produce funky, limited-edition, ‘must-have’ product for the event. Levels include:
  • Funky Town, $11,000 which includes a $5,000 tax-deductible donation to the OIWC Education Foundation. Only five spots are available, and this level offers category exclusivity. 
  • We Are Family, $5,000
  • Do the Hustle, $1,000
  • BONUS Photo Booth: Add $2,000 to your sponsorship of Polly-Esther and you will be the proud host of two Polly-Esther Photo Booths. Located in a high-profile part of the party, everybody will want to jump in the booth with their industry buds and take home a photo strip that gets pinned to their walls in perpetuity
Participate in a contest – NO COST
Contests will begin months before the event as people post their photos on the OIWC website and begin guessing who the winners will be.
  • Sideburn contest: Got some mean chops? Or does somebody else in your company? Start growing them now and post progress pictures on the OIWC website.
  • Costume content: Start planning your bell-bottom pants and feathered hair and walk away with a best costume trophy. And post your costume photos on the website before the event so the rest of us know what to expect.
  • Dance contest: This contest is limited to 20 couples that will sway their way to 1st Place in the funkiest dance contest in Outdoor Retailer history.
Promotions for Polly-Esther start in mid-April. Don't miss out on any opportunities to include your brand in the promotions! To learn more about sponsoring Polly-Esther, or to sign yourself or somebody in your company up for a contest, email us at or call 720-249-2524.