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Current Volunteers
Thanks to our volunteers!

OIWC extends a huge thank you to these amazing volunteers who donate their time and talent to helping OIWC equip women for success. Names in RED are board members.

Executive and Finance

Chair: Lori Harros, President
  • Julie Harris, President Elect and Chair of Governance
  • Kristen Sagan, Treasurer
  • Sara Lingafelder. Secretary
Governance Committee
ChairJulie Harris President Elect
  • Diane Sheehan, Volunteer Programs Manager
  • Vacant, Recruitment and Placement Manager
    • Volunteer Database Coordinator: Stephanie Fernandez
Branding and Marketing Committee
Chair: Lisa Morrison
  • Website Manager:
    • Website Content: Katie Herod
    • Website and HTML Intern: Alina Jesien
    • Newsletter design: Paula McConnell
  • Graphics and Materials Manager: Eryn Willard
    • Graphics Support: 
      • Kris Miller - regional event programs
      • Colleen Cahill 
      • Lindsey Clark
      • Marta Miller
      • Greg Smith
      • Bev Garrity
    • Christina Kiffney, Photographer
  • Press releases and Newsletter Content: Kelly Blake
    • TBD (OR)
    • Sarah Andrus (Regional)
    • Alli Noland (SIA)
    • Tracy Hiatt (Interbike)
  • Communications Manager:
    • Fundraising and Sponsorship: Megan McGovern
    • Membership:  Sara Borowski
    • Governance and Volunteers:
    • Regional Programs: Heather Eusebio
    • ProDev:   Job Posted
Professional Development Committee
Chair: Betsy Curtin
  • Content Manager:  Lu Setnika
  • Communications Manager:   Tina Lassen
    • OIWC Column Writers
      • Devon Sibole
      • Kristy Holland
    • Online Content, Writers and Researchers:
      • Matti Neustadt Storie
      • Ali Levy
      • Job posted
  • Speaker Recruiter Volunteer: Job posted
  • Speaker Database Volunteer:  Ali Levy
  • Executive Roundtable Manager: Kelly Blake
  • General:
    • Alycia Cavadi - editing
Chair: Ali Sacash-Johnson
  • Corporate Membership Manager:  Michele Thomas
    • Regional Membership Coordinators:  Jan 2011
  • Communications Manager: Sara Borowski
    • Member Profile Writer: Elizabeth Train
  • Member services:
    • Sara Zuchetto (new member kits)
    • Nancy Seamons (new, renewing and non-member data entry)
  • Award coordinator:  Conni Mahoney
  • Database reporting coordinator:  Job posted
  • Membership Benefits Coordinator:  job posted
Corporate Relations Committee
Chair: Kristi Rummel
  • Database and general support: Patty Shadof
  • Regional Leads:
    • Bay Area: Megan McGovern
    • Boulder CO: Elizabeth Averbeck
    • Portland OR: Shoba Naraya
    • Seattle WA: vacant
    • Boston MA: Laura Watson
    • Burlington: vacant 
    • General: Dawn Finnegan, Daisy Leduc (temp Burlington)
  • Special Events: Vacant
    • Interbike Women's Product Showcase: Sarah Glatfelder and Sylvia Dizon
    • Intuition & Ingenuity: Angilina Douglas and June Nakatani
    • Online Services Directory: Vacant
    • Design and Branding: Danielle Kristmanson and Mary Jo Legault
    • Merchandising: Shauna Stinson
    • General support: Susan Dooley
  • Education Foundation (Individual Donors): Kathy Murphy
    • Neide Cooley
Regional Outreach Committee 
Chair: Amy Magyar
  • Communications Manager:  Heather Eusebio
  • Regional Event Location Volunteer: 
  • Regional Volunteer Coordinators/Regional Volunteers
    •  Seattle Coordinator: Abbie Feigle
      • Reg Volunteer:Sara Zuchetto
      • Reg Volunteer: Cheryl Schneiderhan
      • Reg Volunteer: Nicole Steele
      • Reg Volunteer: Nancy Hom
      • Reg Volunteer: Kristy Graves
      • Reg Volunteer: Jenny Mesdag
      • Reg Volunteer: HeidiUdovich
      • Reg Volunteer: Katie Herod
      • Reg Volunteer: Sara Hoen
      • Reg Volunteer: Teresa B
    • Bay Coordinator: Devon Sibole
      • Reg Volunteer:Kelly Blake
      • Reg Volunteer: Melissa Schmidt
      • Reg Volunteer: Julie Skirving
      • Reg Volunteer: Cindy Biles 
      • Reg Volunteer: Rachael Lopes
      • Reg Volunteer: Linda Gillette
      • Reg Volunteer:  Rizti Faust
    • Boulder Coordinator: TBD- Job Posted
      •  Reg Volunteer: Genny Turechek
      • Reg Volunteer: Elizabeth Train
      • Reg Volunteer/Staff: Hillary Harding
      • Reg Volunteer: Claudine Campbell
      • Reg Volunteer: Whitney Medved
    • New England Volunteers
    • Burlington Coordinator: TBD
      • Reg Volunteer: Laura Watson
      • Reg Volunteer: Sara Luneau
      • Reg Volunteer:Meghan Giroux
      • Reg Volunteer: Kathy Murphy
      • Reg Volunteer:  Job Posted
    • Boston Coordinator:  Shannon Delaney
      • Reg Volunteer:  Job posted
      • Reg Volunteer:
      • Reg Volunteer:
    • Portland Coordinator: Brooke Bauer
      • Reg Volunteer/BOD: Ali Sacash Johnson
      • Reg Volunteer/BOD: Kristin Sagan
      • Reg Volunteer/BOD: Heather Eusebi
      • Reg Volunteer: Erin Kerno
      • Reg Volunteer:  Job Posted

Thanks to our generous Platinum and Gold Corporate Members