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2010 Annual Report
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2010 was a very busy year for OIWC, with new programs and events, organizational changes and a significant growth in membership. As the year comes to a close, it seems appropriate to share some of the key milestones and successes, and some of our exciting plans for 2011.


Year At-a-Glance

OIWC is a small organization with big goals. The staff of 3 (all part-time) is supported by 22 Board members and over 100 volunteers. OIWC delivers programs to help women in the outdoor industries succeed in their careers. In 2010, OIWC worked toward this goal with:

  • 900 individual members – a 60% increase in membership from 2009

  • 19 regional events (focused on education and networking) in 6 regions across the country

  • 1,500 women attending regional events
  •  40 executive-level women sharing experiences through industry-specific roundtables
  • 6 extraordinary women recognized with OIWC Leadership Awards
  • 100+ volunteers helping OIWC succeed
  • 60 corporate members and sponsors

Professional Development: Advancing your Career

Each year, OIWC develops educational resources and events to support members in their professional goals. In 2010, the focus for professional development was "Advancing Your Career." Throughout the year, OIWC provided webinars, articles, interviews, panel presentations and networking opportunities to help members develop the skills necessary to advance their career.


A few highlights from 2010 include:


OIWC members have exclusive access to the OIWC professional development library of topics. Members can explore a variety of topics ranging from Making Decisions to Collaborative Leadership, along with summaries from all OIWC events and webinars. The library includes content on the 2010 professional development topics as well as articles and information from the 2009 professional development topics, which focused on "Career Development."


In 2011, OIWC professional development explores "Striving for Work/Life Balance.” Stay tuned for more details on the 2011 topics.

Regional Programs: From Four Events in 2009 to 19 in 2010
OIWC members asked for more regional programs and that’s what OIWC delivered in 2010. Regional events increased from four in 2009 to 19 in 2010! OIWC now has quarterly events happening in the Bay Area (CA), Boulder (CO), New England, Portland (OR) and Seattle (WA). In 2011, OIWC will add a new region to its roster – Salt Lake City (UT).

OIWC regional events are an opportunity for members to connect with other women in the outdoor industries and grow through educational content. OIWC hosts two different types of regional events:
  • Education Series  – which feature a speaker or panel discussion
  • Network Nights  – which focus on discussions around a specific professional development topic

Both events offer insights on developing the skills and knowledge to achieve your career goals. In addition, they help women thrive in the outdoor industries by creating a community to share advice and expertise with women on similar career paths and offering encouragement by providing different perspectives on success.

In 2010, OIWC regional events attracted over 1,500 attendees – an average of 75 people per event. Recaps from each regional event are available – to members only – from the Professional Development section of the OIWC website.

Photo: OIWC Education Series event in Boulder CO

Membership: 60% Growth in 2010
OIWC has seen significant growth – over 60% – in membership in 2010 and is proud to be serving over 900 members across the US and in Canada. Thank you to everyone who supports OIWC and the women in the outdoor industries.


OIWC members have said they enjoy learning from other members; everyone has experiences and stories to share that inspire and educate other members. In Fall 2010, OIWC launched "Member Profiles” – one-on-one interviews with OIWC members. The initial set of profiles featured 4 women who are leaders in their industries and offered great wisdom and insights:


In 2011, look for more written Member Profiles in addition to live interviews through member-only webinars.

Leadership Awards: Recognizing Outstanding Women

OIWC recognizes proven leaders in the outdoor industries with the Pioneering Women Award, and the leaders of tomorrow with the First Ascent Award. Thank you to the 2010 Leadership Award sponsors, Timberland and Women’s Adventure Magazine. These are companies that truly support the OIWC mission.


(Photo: Amy Magyar accepts her award at SIA 2010)

The 2010 OIWC Leadership Award winners were:

Snowsports Industry

Outdoor Industry

Bike Industry


Join OIWC in honoring the 2011 Snow Industry and Outdoor Industry Award winners at the upcoming January tradeshows. Nominations can be made year-round so nominate someone you know today!

Volunteers: The Engine that Could
With only three part-time staff members, volunteers are crucial to making OIWC run smoothly. Volunteers serve as the engine that enables OIWC to fulfill its mission to equip, educate and support women in the outdoor industries.


In 2010, OIWC created an official volunteer committee to maintain the momentum of the engine that could. The committee is responsible for recruiting and placing new volunteers, recognizing volunteers for their important contributions, and supporting volunteers throughout their association with OIWC. There are currently more than 105 active volunteers serving in a variety of roles, like regional event planning, database management, online and print marketing, professional development content research and fundraising.


In the upcoming year, OIWC will continue building the volunteer committee to better communicate with, train and thank all of the wonderful volunteers who keep OIWC growing. 


Learn how you can make a difference by becoming a volunteer. OIWC has a number of volunteer roles open, including a Membership Database Coordinator. The membership database volunteer is responsible for running monthly membership reports and maintaining the membership database. Some duties include tracking new and renewed memberships, updating the OIWC email list and reporting up-to-date membership information. 

Photo: Volunteer dinner at Outdoor Retailer

Fundraising: Building Capacity Strategically and Effectively

OIWC is supported by wide variety of companies and individuals who contribute their time and money to make­ the outdoor industries a more connected and more female-friendly place to work, live and grow.


We take pride in:

  • The support of nearly 60 companies across outdoor, snow and bike­
  • Raising money and awareness at events at OR, Interbike and SIA
  • Merging into the Education Foundation to create one strong 501c3 and allowing OIWC to accept tax-deductible donations
  • Adding a third part-time staff person, a Development Director, to the OIWC team
  • Adding two Board Members focused specifically on individual fundraising
  • Creating the opportunity to donate an OIWC membership to a woman who may not feel she can invest in herself just yet


And we thank:

  • Our very active and fantastic Board of Directors
  • Our 100+ volunteers
  • Our Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Friends whose support gives us the ability to build our programs
  • Our 900 members
  • And all of our readers, supporters and advocates


We could not do what we do without the phenomenal team of women and men who volunteer their time, energy and passion, or the sponsors and donors who offer their financial resources. Thank you!

Final Words: A Message from Lori Harrod, OIWC President

I am so proud of the accomplishments of this fantastic organization. In 2010, we reached over 2,500 women across the country through our inspiring and educational regional, trade show and online events. By connecting OIWC members to each other, women are advancing their careers in the outdoor industry. 

Its because of and with these women that outdoor industry gear, apparel, and footwear products continue to evolve and serve the female consumer. It wasnt so long ago that "shrinking and pinking was the norm it is the voice of the outdoor women in all facets of the product creation process, and the consumers who are speaking with their dollars that made this happen. 

Thank YOU, the professional women in the outdoor industry, for striving to influence companies, for aspiring to leadership positions, and for mentoring other women across the outdoor industries. 


As President of the OIWC, I promise that the organization will continue to provide you with the connections and network that will help you succeed.

Photo: President Lori Harrod at an OIWC Awards Presentation

Striving for Work/Life Balance: 40 events in 2011
Earlier this month, OIWC released its 2011 schedule of events supporting the annual theme ‘Striving for Work/Life Balance.’ Finding the perfect work/life balance is a lifetime pursuit. Once you discover skills that help you reach a balance, you can apply them to your constantly changing situations.

Check out the full listing of 2011 events and mark your calendar for the regional events in your area, webinars, or at trade shows. With 25 regional events, plus four webinars, three Executive Roundtables, three Gatherings & Awards Presentations, plus additional special events at trade shows (almost 40 events total!), there is an event for every OIWC member.

Thanks to our generous Platinum and Gold Corporate Members